Permaweb is epoch for Another Money

Another Money is smart coin which means that it's golden standard for smart contracts

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Based on Arweave blockchain

Another Coin is the first serious non-PST token based on arweave blockchain.

Arweave is cheap and fast blockchain, so you can use Another Money as general coin for payments and etc. No more Ethereum's guilty gas fees!

Arweave also have Profit Sharing Tokens (PSTs), which allows to you earn ANO just by holding it! Try buying it on Verto Exchange.

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The first truly decentralized, smart and cheap token for usage in SmartWeave smart contracts

You can learn about how to create your first SmartWeave contract in Redstone Academy, it's free!

Here's little comparison table between smart contracts on Ethereum and smart contracts on Arweave:

Fees < 0.01$/tx From 3$ and up to 60$
Data storage Chunks distributed between nodes All state is in chain
NFTs content storage Directly on mining nodes, treat as "in chain" Centralized webservers of IPFS
Validation algorithm Proof of Access Proof of Work (Proof of Stake soon)